Plant Grafting


Biology of Graft Incompatibility

We're investigating graft incompatibility in the Solanaceae, by comparing the anatomical and transcriptomic response between compatible and incompatible graft combinations.

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Graft Induced Chimeras

We're investigating the formation of chimeras injunction of grafted plants.


Long-distance Communication


Graft-induced Vigor

Vegetable crop grafting onto interspecific hybrid rootstocks is used world-wide to increase abiotic and biotic stress tolerance and boost fruit production. We're using genetics, transcriptomics, ionomics, and molecular and developmental characterization of vigorous tomato grafts to better understand the genetic basis of this phenomenon


Characterizing Graft "Mobileomes"

We're using heterograft genomics to characterize which RNAs and proteins move, understand how they move, and determine whether they have a function

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Sustainable Agriculture


Making a Hybrid Soybean

Soybean is a self-pollinated crop, and therefore lacks the natural benefits of hybrid breeding. In collaboration with the Meyers Lab, we're working on re-engineering soybean into an outcrossing crop


Quantitative Map of Pigmentation Patterns

Coleus is a member of the mint family that's bred for its brilliant leaf patterns. In an effort to quantify the pigmentation patterns of coleus, we sampled leaves from over 30,000 coleus varieties at the University of Florida, and extracted pigment distribution and placement values across the population. This is a collaboration with Dr. Mao Li

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Genetics of Oedema Formation

We are working on the genetics and evolutionary history of oedema (abiotic tumor) formation in wild species of tomato. This is a collaborative project with Prof Andrew Thompson's Lab at Cranfield University

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