Updated: 2021

Scientific scholarship:

Advancing humankind’s knowledge of agriculture and science through:

  • Collaboration

  • Open and transparent sharing of discoveries and tools

  • Inclusion of diverse research parties

  • Curiosity-driven science

  • Creativity

Diversity and Action:

Supporting an environment that is inclusive of all people regardless of race, age, religion, nationality, neurodivergence, disability, sexual orientation, and gender identity. To do this:

  • We will advocate for lab members and community members who face systemic and/or targeted discrimination

  • We welcome lab members from all backgrounds

  • We will help construct and follow through on the mission statements of our greater community organizations 

  • We acknowledge institutional racism present within our scientific communities and our University and will work towards eradicating discrimination

  • We will attend workshops and discussions held by SIPS and other organizations on campus to educate ourselves with the goal of creating a more equitable environment


We will all participate in growth-minded mentorship (Montgomery, 2019) to help shape the scientists of the future


We will create and participate in outreach that expands beyond the university community to engage and inspire scientific thinking in young people from all backgrounds. ​


We will create an atmosphere that is fun, respectful, safe, and open-minded.