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Welcome to the Frank Lab

Recent News

Feb 2022 - Margaret is co-hosting the Northeast Regional Meeting of the Society for Developmental Biology (NESDB 2022) this spring

August 2021 - We welcome Audrey Widmier to the lab. She'll be working on graft junction genetics as an NSF REPS intern! 

August 2021 - Congratulations to Arielle Johnson for her recently published review in COPB titled: "Growing a Glue Factory: Open Questions in Laticifer Development"

January 2021- Congratulations to Yuanzheng Yue for publishing his doctoral and post-doc work titled: "Insight into the petunia Dof transcription factor family reveals a new regulator of male-sterility"

January 2021- Congratulations to Brandon Williams and Umair Ahsan for their recently published review titled: "Getting to the root of grafting-induced traits."

October 2020- Allie Hermanson and Paul Chong, senior undergraduate research assistants, were awarded the American Society of Horticultural Science's Scholarship Achievement Award. 

October 2020- The Frank lab is happy to welcome Hamid Razifard as a new post-doctoral researcher. He joined the lab from UMAmherst where he studied the evolution of Solanum. 

August 2020: Collaborative publication with Xia lab is printed in Science Direct: "TBtools: An Integrative Toolkit Developed for Interactive Analyses of Big Biological Data".

July 2020: The National Science Foundation recently awarded Frank a five-year, $1.3 million Faculty Early Career Development Program grant for her proposal, “Harnessing the Plant Mobileome to Predict, Design, and Deliver Long-Distance RNAs in Plants.” See article.

June 2020: Hannah Thomas awarded USDA Pre-doctoral Fellowship for "Understanding the role of intercellular communication in vegetable crop grafting" See article. 

May 2020: Frank Lab takes part in collaboration with Ithaca Children’s Garden (ICG), to create 1,000 at-home gardening kits for local families. See article.

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